It is recommendable to think beforehand if maybe you will passing through the translations
in 57 languages worldwide, meet a translation, which will cause you to create a new category,
whose words can be regarded as borrowed from source words, which are unknown even to you.
If you are surprised by such a new source word, and you want to take into account the languages
which have borrowed it, you will have to go back to the first page to add the new source word.

The 25 languages​​, who have the best disposition to provide source words to other languages
with which they are in contact are, according to decreasing degree of influence, the following:
1English(eng) 6Russian(rus) 11Malay(msa) 16Dutch
(nld/afr) 21Javanese(jav)
2French(fra) 7Portuguese(por) 12Persian(fas) 17Bengali(ben) 22Punjabi(pan)
3Spanish(spa) 8German(deu) 13Swahili(swa) 18Turkish(tur) 23Thai(tha)
4Arabic(ara) 9Japanese(jpn) 14Tamil(tam) 19Vietnamese(vie) 24Cantonese(yue)
(zho) 10Hindi(hin) 15Italian(ita) 20Polish(pol) 25Korean(kor)
(taken from http://list25.com/the-25-most-influential-languages-in-the-world/?view=all)